Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Hometown. Part One

I grew up with the Air Force. I've moved around a bit. I consider many places, states, and countries 'home'. I always consider music to be my hometown. Music has been the biggest constant of my life. I may more around, change and grow as a person but music will always be there for me. Sure, there is music that comes and goes. Its not easy to stay the exact same, do and act the same way your whole life. But as often as my music choices change there will always be bands and artist that stand the test of time. They might not be on my top ten favorite of all time list, but it something I know I’ll always be willing to listen to.

Below are a few songs that will always has a place in my heart. Just like how my many hometowns will always be a part of who I am.

Snow Patrol (“You're All That I Have”, “Run”, “Ways and Means)

I loved listening to this band while I would be hauled up in the library studying like a crazy person. They have a nice mix of up-tempo songs as well as tearjerkers. Keeps the brain's wave flowing with out over loading the system.

Jimmy Eat World (“23”, “Kill”, For Me This is Heaven”)

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned J.E.W. Before. This is a special band since not only are the one of the “hometowns” but they are also one of my all time favorites. They're song 23 was my life that year of my life (and maybe still a little bit true today). 23 is perfectly heartbreaking. Funny, most of their songs that I love are kinda painful love songs, but things never seen to work out the way they should. That there is my life in a nut shell.

The Weakerthans (“Aside” “Left and Leaving”)

I first time I heard The Weakerthans was on a mix tape (an actual casset tape) that my friend James had made for me since my little Nissan only had a crappy tape player. I always thought of the tape as my “late night driving with the windows rolled down” soundtrack. I drove around a lot when I was in high school. It was really the only place I had too quite and privacy. I normally drove by myself and late at night and in suburban Colorado there are not many people out late at night. All these songs remind me of the sense of freedom and pure relaxation all my late night driving trips left me with.

*Gas was a lot cheaper when I was 16!

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