Monday, April 26, 2010

Circa Green

"I can't be honest with even myself
did you ever wish you were somebody else?"
This past week one of my favorite bands, Circa Survive, realized their third album. This is a band I’ve seen four times and would gladly pay to see them another thousand times. I point this out because there are some bands that I absolutely love but have never seen live. There’s away the possibility that they will suck live. I don’t like to pay to be disappointed when I could have easily stayed home and listened to the CD. I love love love Anthony Green’s voice. Yes, its a few octaves higher than my own, but his vocals just strike a cord with me. You can literally feel the emotion coming through your speakers. He’s just as amazing live and in person. Beside they’re from Philly and I love just about everything to come out of that city. (But not Kobe Bryant- but that’s a long story)
So here’s a couple of songs from their three albums and a couple tracks from Anthony Green’s (lead singer) solo projects/random demos.

The mix:
- “Holding Someone’s Hair Back”
- “Stop the Car”
On Letting Go
- “Living Together”
- “In the Morning and Amazing”
- “The difference Between Medicine and Poison is the Dose”
Blue Sky Noise
- “I Felt Free”
- “Spirit of the Stairwell”
- “Get Out”
Solo stuff
- “Plays Pretty For Baby”
- "Dear Child (I’ve Been Trying to Reach You)"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I’m Back and I Bring You Rainy Days

I’ve slacked off long enough so I’m going to make this short and sweet. No real comments or explanations for why I picked a certain songs, if you have a question, leave a comment! It’s been raining like the world is ending in this part of the US. So with out further a due here are some of my favorite raining day songs:

Nick Drake – “One of These Things”
Elliot Smith – “Miss Misery”
The Shins – “New Slang”
Radiohead – “Reckoner”
The Hush Sound – “You Are My Home”
Frou Frou – “Let Go”


I’m already putting together another mix for later this week. Yea! For planning a head!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

lame i know

I've been busy, out of town and about a thousand other lame excuses. It happens. I'm thinking Friday will be a good day for some music.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

March Music Madness!

I was original thinking I would update every Monday since that’s when I finally got my act together last week. I still plan on doing that but I figured I would also do an end of the month kind of thing. Share the songs that made my month. I tend to make a new playlist in my itunes every month anyway. I’m THAT annoyingly organized when it come to my tunes. It was a great strain on my emotional state to narrow this list down from 35 songs. Every song of my collection is like my child. You’re just not supposed to play favorites with your kids! (I’m my mom’s favorite haha) I did my best to leave some out.

The mix:
1. Florence and the Machine.

I really got into this lovely lady this month. Still love the track “Comsic Love” but I finally gave the rest of her CD a shot.
Tracks: “Howl” “Dogs Days Are Over” “Hurricane Drunk” “You’ve got the live”
2. Regina Spektor – “Eet”
Thanks to Pandora on my sweet ne blackberry phone I hear this song just about every time I’m pulling in the work. Some how its very fitting.
3. “The How to Make it in America” Mix tape
Such a fun new show about my favorite place in the world, NYC and featuring the very handsome Brian GreenBerg.

Tracks: Aloe Blacc – “I Need a Dollar” (my current ringtone) Nipsey Hussle Feat. KC – “Husslas State of Mind” Duck Sauce – “anyway”.
4. Drake and Lykke Li – “Little Bit”
Enclosed are both Li’s original and Drake’s remix of it.
5. Sia.
Another female artist I was all about in March. Her voice is soulful and oh so haunting. She defiantly doesn’t fit the picture I have in my head, but that doesn’t stop me for singing along. Great mellow music to unwind to.

Tracks: “Little Black Sandals” “Breathe Me” “Day Too Soon”
6. Phoenix – “Rome”
“is he teasing with underage” best line ever! An all around solid band to come out recently, just hipster enough. Ha!
7. Lykke Li

She’s been feature in a couple of British TV shows I watch. Takes me back to my rave days, and not in a bad way

Tracks: “ Until We Bleed” “Let it Fall”
8. Metric
Another thanks to Pandora radio, this time for introducing me to the peppy little band. Their CD Fantasis we always remind me of the Sookie Stackhouse books. It was always playing in the background while I was enjoying a world were vampires, elves, and werewolves were real. And really “who would you rather be? The Beatles or the Rollingstones?”

Tracks: “Gimme Sympathy” “I’m Alive”
9. Ingrid Michaelson

Her music and twitter make me smile daily.

Tracks: “Maybe” “Starting Now”
10. The XX – “Stars”
The song, this CD, this band is what I consider sex music. After listen to this song just try to tell me you don’t feel something in you baby making parts.

And here's the links to pick all the up: