Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mini update!

It took me nearly two weeks but I finally have all my music organized and ready to go!! I had to uninstall and reinstall itunes three times (!!) before it was working properly. Off topic but, why does itunes take so long to load and open? Do I have too much stuff or is it just out to annoy me? Other than those pesky little problems I've been having lately I do love itunes. For someone who's a nutter about having everything organized just so- that program does make the aspect of my life easier.

Yesterday I realized how much I really do have. (I've crack 100gb!!) I had a moment there were I couldn't figure out what I want to listen to! There's just so many options! I settled on Death Cab since its just so perfect. I also decided that Death Cab For Cutie is MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE. A big accomplishment for me! I always have a list of like ten bands/artists I consider favorites and now I've settled on one.

I'm sorry to say I wont be sharing any music tonight. I have a couple different things planned, so don't worry! Right now I'm just enjoying having my music back and not being forced to flip through radio stations. I also picked up a bunch of books from the library on Monday, so I've been enjoying my two favorite hobbies. I love nothing more than putting on some relaxing music and curling up with a good book. Since it's finally starting to feel like winter here, that's about all I want to do lately!

I leave you with a question:

What song or artist causes you to automatically change the radio station?

For me it's Creed or Nickleback.