Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Current Obsessions

I’ve been watching far too much television lately that music has taken a backseat. Its not that I’m not listening to music, but has become more of a background noise than its normally force of nature. Since I’ve been slacking on this here blog for about a month now, and some well meaning people have been complaining (you got you shout out Bigs), I figure it was time for some new blood. (True Blood is back!!!) There’s really no rhyme or reason or even a common threat between the following songs. Well, unless you count me just liking them more than others today.

Charlotte Sometimes
Track: “Bad Bad World”
Album: Sideways EP

One of my favorite female artists! It also doesn’t hurt she from Jersey. I wish she was bigger right now, she really is very talented. I was first turned on to her from VH1 of all things. They just to have “You Oughta Know” segments where they would showcase smaller musical acts. Whoever was in charge of picking what was showcased did an amazing job. I’m not even sure if VH1 plays music anymore. I only watch the T.O. Show. But back to Charlotte; this song is from her new EP which she was letting people download for free! I really want to get a hardcopy since the cover art is amazing. She’s just all around amazing. Great voice, lyrics, and point of view. I would compare her to Kate Nash, but with a little more soul. Wow that sounds lame, but I’m not so great at making comparisons.

John Mayer
Track: “Assassin”
Album: Battle Studies

Let me start by saying this: John Mayer is a lot like Kanye West. Neither should give interviews nor talk about anything besides their own music in public. With that said, Mayer, like Kanye, makes high quality music. I’ve liked Mayer since he released his first CD, I’ve even paid good money to see him perform live. He makes mellow, sometimes sappy music that favor well with frat guys who need something to play while they try to get laid. I love it of course, the music not the frat guys. Here’s my favorite song off his latest album. I imagine it playing in the background of some smoked filled room while two insanely attractive people drink dirty martinis.

Regina Spektor
Track: “Eet” “Blue Lips”
Album: Far

Regina is somber, thoughtful and usually accompanied by a piano. She has one of those voices I wish I had. There’s so much heart and soul in every word so sings. It’s heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. I find myself listening to her stuff when I’m stressed or worried and need to center myself.

Track: “Shiny and Warm” “I Wanna Life”
Album: Head First

I’m not sure who exactly suggested Goldfrapp to me, but it was a while ago. I didn’t pay much attention, but someone (I can remember who sais this) told me there recent album was damn good and I’d be stupid not to give it a listen pronto. I did and I realized why Goldfrapp was suggested to me in the first place. They’ve got an almost 80s electronic vibe. I could picture any their songs playing during the prom scene in Sixteen Candles. I love that movie and I’m loving this new album.