Monday, April 26, 2010

Circa Green

"I can't be honest with even myself
did you ever wish you were somebody else?"
This past week one of my favorite bands, Circa Survive, realized their third album. This is a band I’ve seen four times and would gladly pay to see them another thousand times. I point this out because there are some bands that I absolutely love but have never seen live. There’s away the possibility that they will suck live. I don’t like to pay to be disappointed when I could have easily stayed home and listened to the CD. I love love love Anthony Green’s voice. Yes, its a few octaves higher than my own, but his vocals just strike a cord with me. You can literally feel the emotion coming through your speakers. He’s just as amazing live and in person. Beside they’re from Philly and I love just about everything to come out of that city. (But not Kobe Bryant- but that’s a long story)
So here’s a couple of songs from their three albums and a couple tracks from Anthony Green’s (lead singer) solo projects/random demos.

The mix:
- “Holding Someone’s Hair Back”
- “Stop the Car”
On Letting Go
- “Living Together”
- “In the Morning and Amazing”
- “The difference Between Medicine and Poison is the Dose”
Blue Sky Noise
- “I Felt Free”
- “Spirit of the Stairwell”
- “Get Out”
Solo stuff
- “Plays Pretty For Baby”
- "Dear Child (I’ve Been Trying to Reach You)"

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