Friday, September 3, 2010


So. My external hard drive died a couple weeks ago. To say the least, I'm heartbroken. Nearly 100 gigs of music just gone, like that. There may have been a few tears shed, not gonna lie. I'm probably being a tiny bit dramatic, but thats just how obsessed I am when it comes to music. In general I'm not having the best of luck as far as my computer goes. It seems as if my laptop is on the verge of crapping out too. (knock on wood) Lucky for me I getting a shiny new macbook for my birthday!

Of course, I'm still listening to music daily. Pandora has been very helpful and my town has a somewhat decent alternative rock radio station. I still wanted to share with those of you out there in blog land my current favorites or new stuff I've come across. But until I either get the data recovered from the hard drive (which is kind of costly and isn't guaranteed to work) or get my new laptop and able to redownload some of my collection, I wont be able to upload music for a bit. Next best thing is So watch some videos with me, you might find something you like.

Oh and I'm not responsible for anything of these videos. Some are official videos of the artist and some are made by fans. I prefer the ones with lyrics included since I like to read along.

Jason Walker - "Down"
I came across this song thanks to Pandora. The 1st version had a girl singing a couple of verses. Had a Damien Rice vibe to it. I'll be honest and say I didn't look that hard for that version. Apparently this song was also feature on that Vampire Diaries show that I've never watched. There's only room for True Blood in my heart. The song stands on it's own. There's something hauntingly beautiful about the whole vibe of this song. If you pay attention to the lyrics you'll get a great view of my current mindset. Sometimes life can be a little discouraging.

Katy Perry - "Teenage Dream"
I've been listening to this song on repeat the last couple of days. I've probably hate it next week. It's just a fun pop song. Slightly thoughtful but a bit fluff at the same time. Katy Perry has become my current love to hate artist. I go back and forth enjoying her or being annoyed by her. The video for California Girls really annoyed me, but we've not here to talk about that. The whole "skin tight jean" bit cracks me up. It's just plain fun.

John Mayer - "Edge of Desire"
Yes, John Mayer seems like he's a giant toolbag, but I really do love his music. This song in particle would be the perfect musical backdrop for a situation I was in. I think so anyway. Besides Mayer gained some points by streaming his concert from Red Rocks live and FREE for anyone with a computer. Not many people have done that. I got to spend 2 hours Weds. night watching in my favorite pjs and getting a little girlie weepy that tends to happen at his concerts. And, dude can play the guitar and his collection is sick. "there I just said it I'm scared you'll forget about me"

Erin McCarley - "Pony"
It's Okay. Sometimes you need a little reminder. This song is kind peppy and super cute. I would call it a pop song, but it's what more pop songs should be. Empowering instead of just being superficial. I have not problems admitting to enjoying the heck out of it unlike some others i equally enjoy.

Earth, Wind & Fire - "September"
Yes, this song is probably older than I am. Earth Wind and Fire is one of my Dad's all time favorites. I grew up listening to all the stuff. Vinyl, cassette tape, or CD my Dad has it all. A couple of weeks ago I got to see them live and for FREE. (I'm huge into free stuff) My dad played a huge part in my going. Since he lives across the country it was my duty to be there. I had a blast! No joke. I was shaking my groove thing with people of all ages. Couples old enough to be my parents or even grandparents and surprisingly and also amazingly there were so many people from my own generation! Common fellows who grew up listening right along with their parents. I was spooked myself by how many of their songs I knew by heart. Out of their hour and a half set there were only two songs I didn't know every single word. Even though only three of the original band members still tour they put on an amazing so. Great crowd interaction, the bassist had some kick ass fringe pants, and oh my god could these guys hit some high notes. I thought the slightly younger group of guys in front were going to wet their pants every time a crazy high note was hit. I really can't say enough what a great time I had. I think I might have to start seeing "older" acts more often. Touring and putting out music for 20+ years really makes you an expert.

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