Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remember when?

I like pop music. Probably more than I like to admit and hopefully there is no photo evidence of my room in middle school. Back in 1997 I wanted to be Robyn. This was almost 2 years before Britney Spears danced down a hallway. Surprisingly enough my dad got me her CD for Christmas. (My dad doesn’t pick out presents, he gives cold hard cash) I literally played that CD over and over again that I ended up buy another copy come spring break. I loved her voice, the fact that she was Swedish and had cool short blonde hair, and all her songs spoke to 13 year old me.

Than she disappeared.

It happens quite a bit. European artist come to the United States hoping to make a big splash. Sometimes they do sometimes it’s just a little disturbance. Lucky for me, Robyn has been making music- in Europe of course. Lately I’ve been listening to her last couple of CDs. More club style dance music. I’m enjoying it all greatly and cant wait for her newest release later this year.


  • Do You Know (What it Takes) (Robyn is Here 1997)
  • Be Mine (Robyn 2007)
  • With Every Heartbeat (Robyn 2007)
  • Handle Me (Robyn 2007)
  • Hang With Me – Acoustic (Body Talk part one)

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