Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gotta stay postitive...

I've been in a crap moody lately. I'm trying to be positive and send good vibes out into the universe but its much harder than it sounds. I sat down about a half hour ago all ready to finally update this thing and well, my computer is an asshole. It's a simple as that. I've got my fingers, toes and even legs crossed hoping that I DO get that new MacBook I've been lusting over for my birthday. The Big 27 is coming up in less than a month. Damn, I'm starting to feel old.

Since my laptop is an asshole and my external harddrive is still dead, this will be another one of those youtube video things like last time. Can I stumble off topic a minute and talk about youtube? I'm not really into youtube as a whole. Every so often I've hear about a funny video or since all my music is gone I'll go looking for a song there, but there's like a whole youtube community going on. I just don't get. I think its amazing that youtube personalities are going on to bigger and better things (like Glee) It's all great, but most of it is so over my head. I've never understood the internet fame that happens. Maybe I really am an old fart.

Enough about that here's some songs I've been digging lately.

Neon Trees - Animal

The 1st verse got me hooked ("here we go again, i kinda wanna be more then friends, So take it easy on me, I'm afraid you're never satisfied") and than I play it over and over again. It's a fun song. I listened to it no less than 6 times driving up to Denver with my friend Jeremy. He's pretty picking and was right with me singing at the top of our longs. There's almost the animal like growl to it and than he voice almost breaks during the chores. I think it's sexy.

Mumford and Sons - "Little Lion Man"

So this song might have a little more folk in it than I normally go for, but there's also a bit of thunder going on here. This song has some balls. How often does a guy admit fault? Never I tell you. The chorus is what got me and brought me back for more.
but it was not your fault but mine and it was your heart on the line i really fucked it up this time didn't I, my dear?

Jimmy Eat World - "My Best Theory"

I love Jimmy Eat World. It's as simple as that. Here's their new single which is damn good. It has all the elements that make this band one of my favorites. Starts off slow than works you into a tissy of awesomeness.

30 Seconds to Mars - "This is War"

So Jered Leto, Mister Jordan Catalano himself, has a band. I remember hearing he was in a band years ago but I thought it was one of those actor bands that's more like a hobby. Think Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves and Russell Crowe. I guess you could say I was wrong. People seem to actually like 30 seconds to Mars, they even won a VMA, not that that means that much. I like this song, much more than I thought it would like any thing by these eyeliner wearing dudes. It's all very end of the world, big brother, we're going to rebel feel to it and I dig that stuff. 1984 is one of my favorite books ever. I doubt George Orwell would care mush for Jered Leto but that's okay.

Arcade Fire - "Ready to Start"

Arcade Fire is another one of those bands I love and probably always will. This song reminds me of Halloween. I'm really not sure why, it just does. Halloween is my favorite holiday. There's so many good verses and lyrics throughout this whole song its really hard for me to just pick one to quote. Its just plain good that I can't even say much more than that.

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