Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm on fire!

Guess you could say I’ve gotten my groove back. Or maybe I’m just feeling inspired lately. Probably a little bit of both! I’m back for the second day in a row with a brand new mix. It probably helps that I figured out/realized I can make a post and have it publish later in the day. Now when I’m feeling all inspired I can make a bunch o mixes and ‘save’ them for a later date. Oh how fancy technology can be! Now if only I could figure out why the spell check has given up in Word. So please ignore any misspellings I miss.

So, what’s in this mix? A little of rock and roll, a little blues and maybe a smudge of country. Yes, I do listen to country music. Its pretty far between and a rarity but it happens! So enjoy!!

The Black Keys – “Nova Baby”
Have you heard The Black Keys yet? Their former album ‘Brothers’ was amazing and now they’ve released a new one. Two albums in less than two years is impressive, but two awesome, kick ass albums in that time frame is freaking amazing! “Nova Baby” is my current favorite off of El Camino. The whole CD has a very 70s rock feel to it. With this song I can pictures bored suburban California teens hanging out by someones pool and loading up on sun-in. Do they still make that stuff?

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – “Goodbye Kiss” “Apologies”
This is where the little bit of country music comes in. I wouldn’t exactly call them a country band but I have heard others. There’s defiantly a twang going on but there's also a whole lotta rock influences there. I, of course, pick two sorts love songs, sorta kiss off songs. One is more up beat and the other is a bit slower. I think they're both great to have playing when you're either debating ending things or just getting over a breakup you know is for the best but you might not exactly want to say goodbye. That type of love song seems to be my favorite. Sometimes you have to ignore your heart and use that big ol brain you got.

The Gossip – “Dimestore Diamond”
Beth Ditto – “Goodnight and Good Morning”
Have you heard of Beth Ditto and The Gossip? You really should give them a listen. Beth is a badass and they make badass music. Their stuff almost has a 70s disco feel with a little bit of 80s new wave mixed in. Think Debbie Harry and Blondie or Pat Benatar with a modern twist. Its good stuff. I like to listen to them while I’m getting ready to go our. Its like a musical boast of confidence.

Florence and the Machine – “Shake it Out”
Flo is everywhere. People love her music and they fact that there’s NO AUTOTUNE! Praise the heavens! I am, of course, a big fan and the new CD is just as great as lungs. Really not too much I can say besides go listen and hope that Flo stops wearing those flowing dresses all the time. I’m not a fan of those. At all.

Coldplay – “Princess of China”
Its Coldpay! It’s Rihanna! All together!

Amy Winehouse – “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”
I’ve sat here for the last minutes trying to think of something smart to say regarding Ms. Winehouse, but I’m drawing a big blank. She left us to early. She had an incredible gift but her demons won in the end. I’m thankful Lioness was released. In a way its her parting gift. This song in particular really showcases how amazing of a voice she truly hard. It’s bittersweet.

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